Build a strong mind for life.

 I help people adopt healthy lifestyle strategies that provide optimal conditions for the brain to thrive.

Not rocket science.
Good old fashioned healthy stuff.

Hey, I'm Chris!

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I'm passionate about brain health and I
want to take you from fearful to fabulous.

A refreshing approach to whole-body wellness and to life.

First-hand success preventing and reversing cognitive decline.

Whole-Foods Plant-Based Chef as Your Coach

Why Avocado?

Here's the deal. I've already put in the hours of research and hard work to understand the science. From 2019 - 2021, I worked with my mother to reverse the symptoms of her Alzheimer's disease. 

It worked so well on her that I started implementing the same lifestyle strategies on myself.

We'll approach your program from a variety of angles, building upon lifestyle strategies around diet, exercise, stress management, brain stimulation, detoxification, sleep, and supplements.

I've been vegan for a loooong time (30 years) and I'm food obsessed. I eat and promote a whole-foods, plant-based diet.

I'm a Rouxbe Plant-Based Professional Certified Chef, and I had my own vegan personal chef service, cooking school, and meal delivery service from 2009 - 2014. I've worked with hundreds of people over the years to teach them how to incorporate a whole-foods plant-based diet into their life in the most delicious way possible.

I've been gluten free for 10 years and I have Celiac disease. I've found a way to really love what I eat. I know we can do the same for you.

Think of it this way: what's going on in the body serves as either fertilizer for the brain or pesticide.

It's really simple: you get to choose which problem areas you want to work on. There's no script or predetermined program. You're not like anyone else so why would it make sense to embark on a program that's designed for the masses?

I'm like your first-mate but you're the captain. You tell us where we're going and I'll make sure we get there.



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